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Christian Montessori Fellowship - Individual Membership

Membership Benefits:

1. $50 Discounts for each conferences or seminar.

2. A copy of the Index for the last 20 years of the The Fourth Period Lesson. 


3. A copy of the directory of Christian Montessori schools. 


4. Access to a quarterly meeting of Christian Montessoir guides and directors sharing the adventures, lessons, questions and joys of the journey.

5. Access to a new directory of Christian Montessorians around the country and the world.


6. Membership certificate

7. Discounts from selected vendors

8. A nice warm feeling knowing you are not alone and are not the only one seeking to return to the true spiritual roots of this unique education.

9. Your membership will help you, and many others, to better serve your children in Christ's name by providing opportunities for fellowship, learning and encouragement.

10. We have found a 'pearl of great price' and your support of the Christian Montessori Fellowship will help spread this 'good news' so many more children might truly be nurtured intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually and come to know the Good Shepherd personally.



Christian Montessori Fellowship - Individual Membership

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