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Educator Resources and Training

Cross Mountain Media provides in-depth Christian Montessori educator training, as well as classroom materials including our exclusive Hands-on Bible works.

Our live seminars and newsletters series are designed to equip you with the mental and spiritual foundation you need to better engage students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Montessori Educator Conferences Seminars Series
(This is a benefit of CMF school membership)

Our Live Seminars Series includes over 200 mp3s that cover a wide variety of topics created for Montessori teachers, including the very spiritual nature of the Montessori teaching experience. Valuable for general and faith-based audiences.


"The Fourth Period Lesson" Archive.

The Fourth Period Lesson Archive is a collection of twenty years of timely Montessori wisdom to inspire, instruct, and encourage teachers on their Montessori journey.

Access to the archive is a benefit of your Individual  Christian Montessori Fellowship membership. 

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