Christian Montessori Parent Education 

Cross Mountain Media has developed education materials specifically for Christian Montessori audiences in addition to our General Parent Education. These are great resources for Christian Montessori schools to parents, educators and other staff.


Getting Your Money's Worth:
Faith-based Version

This 38-page booklet describes the lifetime benefits of a Christian Montessori education in an easy-to-understand, compact format. $8 each, or $11 for the booklet & workbook combo.

Getting Your Money's Worth Workbook

The companion exercise to the booklet asks three major questions addressing concentration, freedom, hands-on, order and more for only $4 each:​

  1. How do you see these topics in your everyday world?

  2. How do you see them developed in the Montessori classroom?

  3. How can you foster this at home?


A Pearl of Great Price

An engaging and educational book, "A Pearl of Great Price" portrays the Christian spiritual foundation of Montessori education and offers a challenge to redeem this God-breathed inspiration for
Christian education. $10 per copy.

Montessori Parent Education Newsletters

Our Parent Education Newsletters bring fresh ideas and valuable insights on a wide variety of topics for all Montessori parents.​

You can purchase a one year subscription that comes with an unlimited copyright for one year for $325.

With your subscription you receive the complete parent education library of 39 newsletters.

In subsequent years there is a modest $25 annual copyright renewal fee for which you also receive additional newsletters.

Montessori Parent Education Newsletters

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