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Montessori Parent Education

Cross Mountain Media offers high-quality Montessori parent education materials. These are great resources for Montessori schools to hand out to parents, 
educators and other staff.

We also offer faith-based parent education resources.



Getting Your Money's Worth

Developed for all Montessori parents, this 38-page booklet describes the lifetime benefits of a Montessori education in an easy-to-understand, compact format.  $8 each, or $11 for the booklet & workbook combo.


Getting Your Money's Worth Workbook

The companion exercise to the booklet asks three major questions addressing concentration, freedom, hands-on, order and more for only $4 each:​​

  1. How do you see these topics in your everyday world?

  2. How do you see them developed in the Montessori classroom?

  3. How can you foster this at home?


Introductory special to Strategic Montessori Parenting

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Getting your Money's Worth also available in money-saving Bundles:

10 books (5% discount)
25 books (10% discount)
50 books (15% discount)
100 books (20% discount)

Montessori Parent Information Newsletters
(This is part of Strategic Montessori Parenting).

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Strategic use of the Montessori Parent Information Library:
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