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“Strategic Montessori Parenting

Transforming Parents into Partners”

Addresses a critical school need of involving, educating and transforming parents.



Before we entered Montessori we were used to the traditional educational line.

Teacher ----------- Student


When we entered the Montessori world we were introduced to the Montessori triangle.

Child – guide – environment


This triangle changed everything.

Now, we want to introduce the Montessori Diamond.







Child -- guide -- environment -- parent


If the Montessori triangle is able to produce amazing results, the Montessori Diamond will multiply that by a hundred fold.

Strategic Montessori Parenting offers a blueprint for successful parent “normalization”, education and involvement.  

There are five stages of Strategic Montessori Parenting:

  1. Parent Education

  2. Basic Involvement

  3. Becoming Part of the Family

  4. Creating Commitment and Loyalty

  5. Being there for them


Strategic Montessori Parenting starts with a three-session live on-line course that will take you through each stage on the way to normalized and committed parents.


Resources for Strategic Montessori Parenting include:

  • Membership in a monthly forum dealing with the challenges of parent education and involvement.

  • A 51 pages parenting album that covers and explains each of the strategic stages of Montessori parenting.

  • A subscription to the 50 newsletters of the Parent Education Newsletter series. Newsletters (a page or a page and a half) are written in parent language and explain the operations and the philosophy of the Montessori classroom.

  • A subscription to 45 one minute audios of "Common Sense Parenting."

  • A subscription to the video presentation of “Getting Your Money’s Worth”, featuring the lifetime benefits of a Montessori education. It begins with an introduction followed by 32 short videos.

  • A hard copy of “Getting your Money’s Worth” along with its workbook that explains the lifetime benefit of an investment in Montessori

  • A copy of “Common Sense Parenting A to Z”, a mini encyclopedia of 161 practical parenting topics from accountability to zeal written from a Montessori perspective.

  • A copy of an adult DISC personality assessment.

  • A copy of a child's DISC personality assessment

  • Your monthly membership gives you access to the parenting forum and unlimited copyright permissions for your subscriptions.

Your investment in Strategic Montessori Parenting has a value of $1997.

It is being offered for a limited time for an initial fee of $997 

With a monthly membership fee of $25 which secures your unlimited copyright permissions plus updates.


“When you are invited to the wedding of former toddlers, you must have done something right.”

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