“Strategic Montessori Parenting

Transforming Parents into Partners”

Addresses a critical school need of involving, educating and transforming parents.



Before we entered Montessori we were used to the traditional educational line.

Teacher ----------- Student


When we entered the Montessori world we were introduced to the Montessori triangle.

Child – guide – environment


This triangle changed everything.

Now, we want to introduce the Montessori Square.


Child -- guide -- environment -- parent


If the Montessori triangle is able to produce results one hundred or two hundred times better than the “line” what kind of results can you expect if we double, triple, quadruple that one hundred, or two hundred percent by introducing the square?

Strategic Montessori Parenting offers a blueprint for successful parent “normalization” and education.  

There are four stages of Strategic Montessori Parenting:

  1. Parent Education

  2. Basic Involvement

  3. Becoming Part of the Family

  4. Creating Commitment and Loyalty


Strategic Parenting is a four-week live on-line course that will take you through each stage on the way to normalized and committed parents.


Resources for Strategic Montessori Parenting include:

  • A parenting album that covers and explains each of the strategic stages of Montessori parenting.

  • A subscription to the 47 newsletters of the Parent Education Newsletter series. Newsletters (a page or a page and a half) are written in parent language and explain the operations and the philosophy of the Montessori classroom.

  • A subscription to the five part video presentation of “Getting Your Money’s Worth”, featuring the lifetime benefits of a Montessori education.

  • A hard copy of “Getting your Money’s Worth” along with its workbook that explains the lifetime benefit of an investment in Montessori

  • A copy of “Common Sense Parenting A to Z”, a mini encyclopedia of 161 practical parenting topics from accountability to zeal written from a Montessori perspective.

  • Audio copies of ten parent education classes.

Your investment in Strategic Montessori Parenting is $1997.

It is being offered for a limited time as a pilot program for $997 with a limited enrollment.


“When you are invited to the wedding of former toddlers, you must have done something right.”