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Seminar Agenda #1


1. What is Christian about Montessori?

Dorothy Sayres noted novelist of the 20th century stated. The only Christian work is work well done. Therefore a definition of Christian Montessori must emphasize excellence in Montessori teaching before we seek to label it Christian. This 22 point discussion details the Christian nature of Montessori education as it reflects Biblical and spiritual truths. You don't have to teach in a Christian school to be a Christian Montessori teacher.


2. Grace and Courtesy

No one was ever won to Christ by bad manners. But grace and courtesy go further than just manners. Grace and courtesy is a way of looking at life. It is a way of dealing with people as God would have us do. We will explore, not only the practices of grace and courtesy, as should be found in the environment but look at the rationale for grace and courtesy. We will look at the ramifications of their use on the environment as well as the individual.

3. Hands on Bible
Touching the word of God helps children internalize the eternal truths God has for us. It is more than just hearing the story. It is taking it in with every fiber of your being. It is a multi-dimensional experience, not only for the here and now but for eternity. What great joy belongs to the child when he discovers for himself who is the Good Shepherd.

4. Practical Life
The cornerstone of Montessori is found in the exercises of practical life. The foundations of academic success are found in the mastery of practical life. The beginnings of coherence for the learner and the learning process are rooted in this area that too often parents (and some teachers) want to get over quickly so they can get to the good stuff. Understanding practical life changes the guide's attitude for this preparation for all that is to come.

5. Spiritual Life in the Classroom
The spiritual development of the child is not limited to Bible stories and Christian songs. The environment offers multiple opportunities to build the spiritual life of the child. Every activity - from snack time, playground, circle time and even the work itself is full of moments of grace available to build up the child.

6. Parenting
The most important, and often least utilized, assistant for the classroom is the parent. A new look at fostering this partnership will bring great dividends not only to the environment but to the child's development as well. Every effort spent on parents results in multiple blessings.

7. Classroom Management
There are three crucial parts to the effective operation of the classroom. The first is to manage the environment itself. Second, is to manage ourselves within the environment and in relationship to the students. The third element of effective management is allowing the student to assume responsibilities, not only for himself but for others and for the environment.

Seminar Agenda #2

1. What is Christian Montessori?

2. How Jesus Comes to the Classroom

3. The Prepared Environment

4. Hands on Bible

5. The Normalized Child

6. Circle Time

Seminar Agenda #3

1. What is Christian Montessori

2. Real P.E.

3. Observation

4. Montessori Principles

5. Hands on Bible

6. Independence

Seminar Agenda #4

1. What is Christian Montessori

2. I'll Walk the Line

3. Respect

4. Hands on Bible

5. The Big Questions of Montessori

6. Personalities

Regional Conference - Per Attendee