Christian Montessori Fellowship - School Membership

Membership Benefits:

1. Access to all of the benefits of the Strategic Montessori Parenting program

2. Plus access to the 40 years of audios from the Christian Montessori Fellowship International conferences 

3. A monthly interactive on-line forum.

4. School Membership certificate and recognition in directory

5. Your membership will help you, and many others, to better serve your children in Christ's name by providing opportunities for fellowship, learning and encouragement.


6. We have found a 'pearl of great price' and your support of the Christian Montessori Fellowship will help spread this 'good news' so many more children might truly be nurtured intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually and come to know the Good Shepherd personally


7. Membership does require a $25 a month fee to keep all copyright licenses current.


PLEASE CONTACT AFTER PURCHASE for access and passwords

Christian Montessori Fellowship - School Membership